Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Otjombinde Farmers Association chairperson, Jerry Kazapua said shows are not merely money-making platforms for farmers but also a platform to learn and grow.

At the Otjombinde Agricultural and Industrial Show on Saturday at Tallismanus, Kazapua said these events are open and multi-sectoral, integrated platforms, providing an opportunity for information sharing and learning.

“Primarily the show event is not a platform for direct or immediate money-making or income generation, it is a platform where you will be marketing your livestock and products for potential clients to follow you after the show,” he said.

Kazapua applauded his team for meeting this year’s show objective of bringing farmers together and soliciting sponsorship for the success of the event.

“Every coin has two sides, this year looks like we attracted a few farmers, exhibitors and corporate businesses, but there is a reason why that happened and there is always time to improve, we are working on improvement as the farmers’ association,” Kazapua said.

Otjombinde Constituency Councillor Wenzel Kavaka encouraged farmers to change the way of farming to sustain their produce in this time of the climate changing. According to him farmers should start looking for new technological ways for effective farming.

“When we are talking about new technological farming methods, we are talking about value addition to our livestock. We are responsible for adding value to our own livestock and I believe this is one of the most important objectives of showcasing your produce so that we start looking at quality livestock from fellow farmers,” Kavaka said.

He added that although many farmers on communal land do not keep a lot of livestock, they should make sure they add value to the small number of livestock they are keeping at the reserves. He also encouraged young people to be part of these events to be the next farmers.

“Although we are not seeing a lot of livestock and produce this time, it is because of things like the drought that has affected us severely, but we should not lose focus,” Kavaka stressed.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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