Shivute frustrated about alcohol misuse among pensioners

ONANYEGE: Oshikoto Regional Council chairperson, Samuel Shivute is pleading with senior citizens from the region to stop taking alcohol on credit. Shivute on Thursday while handing over late Christmas gifts of maize meal, rice, cooking oil, brown sugar and tomato sauce to 31 elderly citizens at Onanyege in the Oshikoto Region, said the elderly citizens are addicted to taking alcohol on credit. He said many pensioners no longer spend their pension money on useful matters but rather spend it on alcohol. 'Our pensioners buy alcohol on credit, so when they wait for their money they already owe it for alcohol, especially Tassenberg,' said Shivute. He further said they are also the last to leave cuca shops at night, which makes them targets for thieves and other criminals. 'Our pensioners open cuca shops at 06h00, especially when they receive their pension money, and leave around 23h00 in the evening,' said Shivute. He added that pensioners also tend to commit crimes or engage in unusual behaviour when they c onsume alcohol. 'When you are drunk, you do silly things that shock the younger generation or the community at large while you are perceived as a mother or father of the community,' said Shivute. The Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare's Chief Liaison Officer in the Oshikoto Region, Petrus Kuutondokwa encouraged elders to approach their office when they encounter problems. 'We encourage our pensioners to seek support at our office as they are going through a lot in their villages,' said Kuutondokwa. He urged them to visit the ministry offices so they can come up with solutions to their problems, especially where it involves grandchildren. Source: Namibia Press Agency