Second-generation Diaspora Pledges to Provide Support for Ethiopia’s Development

Addis Ababa: The diaspora members of the second-generation pledged to provide the necessary support and work in collaboration with other communities in Ethiopia for the realization of the country's development aspirations. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on the second-generation foreigners of Ethiopian origin to come home in three-rounds from 30th December 2023 to the end of September 2024. The first-round homecoming under the motto "Connect to Your Culture" began from 30 December 2023 to 29 January 2024. And the second round homecoming dubbed "Connect to Your History" will be during the African Union annual summit in Addis Ababa. Moreover, the second-generation foreigners of Ethiopian origin are anticipated to come in the third round from the upcoming rainy season to 30 September 2024 under the motto "Leave Your Legacy." Following the invitation, the second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora have begun arriving in Addis Ababa today. Upon arrival at Bole International Airport, the diaspora were welcom ed by senior government officials, including the Minister of Tourism, Ambassador Nasise Chali. Approached by the Ethiopian News Agency, the diaspora members expressed their admiration for the warm welcome extended to them. Mehret Berihun from Maryland, USA said that she felt unique feeling for being able to see her country. Anmut Yenesew, who came from Stockholm, Sweden, said on his part that the homecoming call for the second generation of Ethiopian Diasporato will enable them to see the development endeavors being carried out in the country. Tamnit Obaski, who came from Germany, pointed out that she planed to visit places in Addis Ababa and other parts of the country. Another member of the diaspora, Teshome Abate, from Manchester, England, said that he has planned to celebrate Christmas and Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) colorfully. Abate expressed his curiosity to know more about his country's culture and history. Abraham Belete, from Frankfurt, Germany, appreciated the warm welcoming ceremony at the airport and he found it more than his expectation. Abraham has been eager to visit Ethiopia in person to see about the current development works. He also urged other Ethiopian diaspora members to accept the homecoming calls and visit their country of origin and participate in the overall development activities. The homecoming call to the diaspora in three-round aimed at making them come back to their country to spend their vacation here, Tourism Minister, Ambassador Nasise Chali said. She added that various events will be undertaken to make the diaspora members know their country's history and culture. There will be various travel programs, visiting tourist sites, networking platforms where the second generation diaspora can share their knowledge and experience with Ethiopians. Source: Ethiopian News Agency