Schools in Oshikoto urged to report their needs before going public

The Oshikoto Regional Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MEAC) Alleta Eises has called on the 225 schools in the region to report their needs to their respective circuits so the directorate can intervene.

Eises made the call in an interview with Nampa on Friday, following requests by a number of schools for donations from members of the public.

She said some schools have similar challenges and should a school is in need of construction, infrastructure and furniture, they have to be added on a priority list within their circuit which will then be forwarded by the circuit inspector to the regions so the regions work on the priority of the circuit.

“The principals must determine with the circuit inspector if they are on the priority list and make their needs known to the inspector so we can intervene as a directorate”, said Eises.

She said the ministry has a development budget which is too small and at times need the public and partners to assist.

One such school is the Ashihaya Primary School in Onyuulaye circuit which is in need of building materials to build classrooms and an administration block.

The school which has classes made out of corrugated iron sheets currently has 174 learners and seven teachers.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency