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Ethiopian religious leaders urged the Ethiopian people to strengthen solidarity while celebrating the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

Ethiopians are preparing to receive their New Year tomorrow the 12th of September.

Unlike the rest of the world, each of the 12 months in the Ethiopian calendar has 30 days while the 13th month (Pagumen) has 5 days or 6 during each leap year.

The religious leaders have delivered a salute message for the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

They stressed in their message the need to disregard hate speech in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year and strive for peace.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Patriarch, Abune Mathias wished the New Year to be a year of reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace for Ethiopians.

When celebrating the New Year, the patriarch, called on the people to not only assist the needy but also love each other and strengthen solidarity.

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President, Sheikh Haji Ibrahim Tufa on his part wished the New Year to be one of peace, love, and blessings.

Ethiopian Catholic Church Archbishop and Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus urged the faithful to support those suffering while welcoming the New Year.

He expressed his wish for the New Year to be a time for the sick to be healed, for those who have been separated to be reunited, and for the faithful to prepare themselves for reconciliation and dialogue.

He also wished the New Year would be one where Ethiopians would receive the blessings of their Creator through tolerance and love.

Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Union President, Pastor Tsadiku Abdu wished all Ethiopians a Happy Ethiopian New Year saying “Congratulations to all of Ethiopia.”

Ethiopian Evangelical Church President, Yonas Yigezu also conveyed his New Year best wishes to be a time of forgiveness, unity, and return to peace.

The Interreligious Council of Ethiopia, the umbrella institution of different major religions in the country that promotes common values, called on all citizens to play their part in order to promote peace, reconciliation and solidarity in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

Ethiopians are faithfuls and such messages on such big occasions play a crucial role in mobilizing and supporting those who are in need of assistance and impact the community for good.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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