Religious Fathers Urge Followers to Give Hands to Needy People, Show Compassion

Addis Ababa: Religious fathers conveyed Christmas best wishes and messages to their faithful today. In a message conveyed in connection with Christmas, the religious fathers urged their faithful to give hands to the needy persons and show love and compassion to all humanity. They also urged the general public to stand together to bring about lasting peace in the country. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Patriarch, His Holiness Abune Matias said Christmas is an emblem of peace to the faithful. The patriarch added that faithful of the church should celebrate the holiday in unity and peace, discharging responsibility to uphold peace. His Grace Abune Berhaneyesus Sufafel, Cardinal of the Ethiopian Catholic Church on his part said that the birth of Christ is an indication of God's love to all humanity and creatures. Secretary General of Council of Ethiopian Evangelical Churches, Rev. Dereje Jenberu on his part said that the faithful should give hands to those who are need of assistance. Source: Ethiopian News Agency