Ravensmead members seize illegal firearms

CAPE TOWN - The determination of Ravensmead SAPS members led to the arrest of two males in possession of firearms and ammunition in Uitsig during Crime Prevention operations on Monday, 12 September 2022.

Ravensmead police members were busy with patrols at around 12:00 near Begonia Street in Uitsig. As the patrol vehicle approached a group of males, they started to run in different directions. The members followed the suspects on foot and apprehended a man and searched him. They confiscated a 9mm pistol with ammunition. The 17-year-old man was arrested and detained on a charge of possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition.

Meanwhile, another group of members noticed an unknown man near Gousblom Street, who became unsettled when he spotted the patrol vehicle and fled the scene. They apprehended the man, who was rebellious, and brought him under control. They confiscated a 9mm pistol with ammunition and arrested the 19-year-old man on a charge of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

Once charged the suspects are expected to make a court appearance in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on the mentioned charges.

Source: South African Police Service