Rainy Season Voluntary Services Provided Lesson that Ethiopia Can be Transformed in Short Period: “Addis Weg” Forum Panelists

The voluntary services, which have been carried out in the rainy seasons, provided a lesson that Ethiopia can be transformed within a short period of time by coordinating its people, according to panelists.

This remark was made at the "Addis Weg" forum organized by the Press Secretariat of the Prime Minister's Office.

The discussion held today mainly focused on voluntary service, "Yelemat Tirufat" and the Green Legacy program.

Voluntary services that benefitted many elder citizens have been carried out during the past four rainy seasons.

In addition, activities that have been changing the environment are underway, the panelists pointed out.

The number of youth, who take part in voluntary services is increasing from time to time and more than 20 million youngsters are taking part in the nationwide campaign this rainy season.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency