Promoting Local Agricultural Inputs Pivotal to Boost Production, Productivity

Addis Ababa: Promoting local production of agricultural inputs and strengthening the ties among stakeholders are essential to enhance production and productivity of the sector, State Minister of Agriculture Sofia Kassa said. The 3rd agricultural inputs expo and symposium which will be held for three successive days kicked off in Addis Ababa today with the theme 'Financially-Supported Agriculture for Ethiopia's Prosperity'. Opening the expo and symposium, Sofia said agricultural inputs and finance are pivotal to transform the agriculture sector which contributes 77 percent of Ethiopia's export revenue. Coffee, pulses and oilseeds among others have the major share of contribution for the sector's export revenue. The state minister stressed the need to further boost the sector's role in Ethiopia's economy considering its ample potential. Highlighting the significant role of inputs for production, productivity and transformation of the sector, she said promoting agricultural inputs which are being produced l ocally and strengthening the ties among stakeholders is essential. Accordingly, increasing production and productivity through promoting natural fertilizers for farmers is one of the areas of priority. The 3rd agricultural expo and symposium is part of the continued efforts of the first and the second expo with targets of improving the production, distribution and utilization of agricultural inputs and enhancing the role of the private sector, she pointed out. The program will also provide the opportunity for idea and experience sharing and designing mutual working system to increase production and productivity, it was indicated. Agricultural input importers, producers, financial institutions and beneficiaries among others are participating at the 3rd agricultural inputs expo and symposium Source: Ethiopian News Agency