Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Nene Sakite II, Paramount Chief of Manya Krobo and President of the Eastern Region House of Chiefs, has urged the government to prioritise the construction of the eleven-kilometre Somanya-Kpong road. The chief made the call at the 2023 Annual Ngmayem Festival Durbar, held at Lasi Park in Odumase Krobo, in the Lower Manya Krobo municipality of the Eastern Region.?? The festival centred around fostering development through unity and reigniting a sense of patriotism through coming together. ‘The nature of the road is causing me great concern,’ Nene Sakite II declared as he addressed a gathering on the theme: ‘development in unity, reviving patriotism through unification.’ He added that ‘the road network is in need of immediate attention to prevent further damage’ and highlighted the importance of motorable roads to boosting the local economy, including farming, tourism, and business operations. He also called on Ghanaians to share a common spirit of patriotism and solidarity to promote sustainable economic growth and development. The Chief emphasised that the land issue had been a major challenge for him, as certain chiefs had been selling both government-vested and private lands for their own personal benefit. He made it clear that he would not tolerate that behaviour any longer and further warned individuals who falsely claimed to be chiefs, urging them to subscribe to the proper traditional procedures within a month or face consequences. He also encouraged divisional chiefs to resolve any internal matters peacefully within their respective divisions. Nene Sakite II urged?the government?to help the Krobo people reclaim the Krobo Mountains and the surrounding lands. He claimed that after forcibly displacing the Krobo people from their ancestral mountains in the late 1800s, the colonial government under Governor Bradford Griffith illegally seized these territories. Addressing the festival, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo told the people that the construction of the Somanya-Kpong road through Krobo Odumase had been approved. He also emphasised the importance of traditional leaders becoming active development partners, as the government could not bear the sole responsibility for the nation’s socio-economic progress. He highlighted the importance of chiefs ensuring access to education, combating the spread of HIV/AIDS, and reviving the chieftaincy institution, along with their other accomplishments as Konor of Manya Krobo, in bringing peace and development to the area. He also expressed confidence in the economy, stating that it was showing signs of recovery and returning to its former strength. Ngmayem is a festive celebration that occurs in various towns during the last two Sundays of October. It is a time to rejoice in the bountiful millet harvest, known as ‘Ngma’.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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