President Ramaphosa to engage with youth

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to hold a Presidential Youth Engagement at the Belhar Sports Centre in Cape Town on Tuesday. The engagement forms part of the National Youth Development Agency's reflection on the three years since the initiation of the Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES) and Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI). 'During this engagement, young people will have access to a Training Hub, facilitating interactions with trainers, mentors and peers who have benefited from the intervention. "Additionally, an Opportunities Hub will showcase stakeholder offerings to aid the youth in transitioning from learning to earning, while a Partners Hub will spotlight contributions from all partners of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention. 'This multifaceted event is designed to emphasise the importance of youth development programmes and the PYEI. The goal of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is to create a dynamic platform that not only showcases existing youth pr ogrammes and opportunities but also fosters direct engagement with young beneficiaries and stakeholders. 'This dialogue aims to ensure continuous support and improvement in youth development initiatives,' the Presidency said. According to the Presidency, the PES and PYEI programmes have 'collectively generated over 1.8 million job opportunities and provided livelihood support, predominantly benefiting young individuals'. 'As the sixth administration nears its conclusion and in anticipation of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2024, this event serves as a crucial moment to acknowledge the collaborative efforts of partners and beneficiaries, who have significantly contributed to the nation's progress. 'The focus extends beyond mere recognition; it also aims to initiate a call to action for the upcoming phase of the programme,' the Presidency said. The engagement is expected to commence at 2pm. Source: South African Government News Agency