President congratulates DRC President-Elect

President Cyril Ramaphosa has congratulated the President-elect of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) , on his re-election as President of the central African country. On 20 December 2023, millions of voters in the DRC participated in the synchronised general elections to choose national, provincial and local public representatives. The outcome of these elections was announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) on 31 December. Accordingly, President Ramaphosa strongly commended the people of the DRC for exhibiting maturity, a sense of calm and unity during the period of elections. 'The people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have taken a solid step towards consolidating democracy in their country, and have expressed their desire for a peaceful, secure and prosperous future,' said the President in a statement. The President has called for calm should any of the participants dispute the elections results and urges all parties to follow legal channels as set out in the constituti on of the DRC. South Africa is committed to enhancing bilateral relations with the DRC, and peace and security in the region. President Ramaphosa concluded a successful visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2023, where, together with President FĂ©lix Tshisekedi, co-chaired the Heads of State and Government segment of the 12th session of the DRC-South Africa Bi-National Commission (BNC). The BNC is aimed at enhancing and nurturing the existing bilateral trade and political relations. - Source: South African Government News Agency