PM Pays Surprise Visit to Fana Broadcasting Corporate

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has paid a surprise visit to Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). The premier made the visit to Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), which is working to become the first and preferred in all sectors of the Ethiopian media industry. PM Abiy started the surprise visit, one of the many the prime minister has been making, by inspecting the new expansion projects in the FBC headquarters. The prime minister first visited the recently constructed new studio built to host entertainment programs and interactive platforms that are expected to further strengthen Fana Broadcasting Corporate. Following his visit, Prime Minister Abiy stated that this was part of his surprise visits practice to various institutions. According to him, FBC is a media house trying to develop and improve its work. "In that respect, I have witnessed a new beginning and I was happy,' the premier said. FBC has been attracting its audience through the popular programs such as "Fana Lamrot", a singing -talent contest. The new studio visited by Prime Minister Abiy would enable the media company to record and transmit quality production. Misinformation and its proliferation of ways to reach audience has become a major challenge for the media industry as well as countries, he noted. Realizing the impact of the problems caused by misinformation, Prime Minister Abiy indicated that the media is one of the sectors that his government prioritized and reformed to avoid damages. 'Our narratives are not unifying and reconciling. The narratives we listen to are polarized, exclusionary and self-magnifying. Because of this, many problems have been caused in our country. There are still problems. So narrative change is necessitated to repair this fracture. Therefore, the ongoing reform to make our media outlets inclusive, which they are in the post-truth era, has been bearing fruit.' Abiy also noted that the far-reaching reform activities in the media industry have started to consolidate shared narrative in Ethiopia . He added that when institutions get stronger, destructive ideas will lose their place. Ethiopian News Agency