PM Abiy’s Call to Second-Generation Ethiopian Diaspora Offers Greater Opportunities To them, Says Amb. Dina

The call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the second generation of Ethiopian diaspora for homecoming provides benefits for the diaspora and the country as well, Foreign Affairs Standing Committee Member of the House of People's Representatives, Ambassador Dina Mufti remarked. The premier invited the second-generation Ethiopian diaspora to visit their country of origin in three rounds from 30th December 2023 to the end of September 2024. The second-generation of Ethiopian diaspora, who are born and live outside of their origin of country, are believed to be a large number. The objective of the invitation is to reconnect this part of the diaspora with their ancestral root, help them acquaint with the unique culture, values and history as well as the ongoing overall transformation efforts in Ethiopia. In an exclusive interview with ENA Ambassador Dina said the prime minister made the call considering the fact that Ethiopia has huge second generation diaspora in various parts of the world and the homecom ing enables them to connect with their kinships, culture, hospitality in their country of origin. The diaspora will also be able to see physically the internationally acclaimed historical, religious and cultural heritages of Ethiopia that they may only know from afar, he added. 'They are not aware of the current actual situation of their country of origin. The visit will help them to see what Ethiopia looks like now ranging from geographic location to the other dynamic aspects of the country including population, culture, history and hospitality among other things. They will also be able to witness physically how Ethiopia's historical heritages and other tourist sites are marvelous.' Ambassador Dina added the invitation is also crucial to familiarize the second generation diaspora about the ongoing socioeconomic transformation of their country of origin. Relentless efforts are being carried out in Ethiopia to transform the nation in various sectors including tourism. The second generation of the diaspora will also be able to explore business and investment opportunities in Ethiopia as most of them are believed to have acquired a great deal of knowledge, skill, wealth and experiences in ranges of fields and they could contribute to the continuation of national building efforts, he said. 'There are two sides of benefits about this visit. One is to familiarize themselves with their country of origin. They will see and witness it physically. The second one is they may consider about doing business in Ethiopia. They may come with their knowledge, wealth, and experiences and will be able to share that as well. They will be able to contribute to the continuation of the socioeconomic development of the country, ' Ambassador Dina said. Source: Ethiopian News Agency