PM Abiy Says Army That Fits Greatness of Ethiopia, Serves the Country Bravely Has Been Established

A defense force that fits the greatness of Ethiopia and serves the country bravely is established, according to Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed.

Commandos and anti-terrorist special force members that have undergone rigorous training at Bilate Commando and Airborne Training Center graduated in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy today.

The premier congratulated the graduates for successfully completing the tough training given by the center.

The PM noted that a defense force that fits the greatness of Ethiopia and serves the country bravely is established.

According to him, the defense force has been paying sacrifice to make Ethiopia stand tall and firm.

He further stated that the main objective of the army is to deter war and ensure quick victory if it happens.

Ethiopia's foremost desire is peace, the premier stressed, adding that this has not been confined to the country but also in peace keeping activities in different countries.

Abiy pointed out that Ethiopia has built a peace keeping force that can effectively meet the mission of keeping peace in Africa.

Ethiopia will make African brothers proud and be the guardian of its neighbors, he said.

The prime minister stated that Ethiopia will never be a source of war but a source of peace for all its neighbors.

“Ethiopia is a country that believes in the principles of negotiation, consultation and respect in everything it needs; but not a country that wants to bully its neighbors and seize things that it wants. Ethiopia is a country that has dignity, culture, loves others and stands for peace,” Abiy underscored.

The prime minister finally urged today's graduates to always be ready to put their country and people first.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency