Philippines Could Seize Opportunities in Africa by Forging Stronger Ties with Ethiopia: President Marcos

The Philippines could seize economic opportunities in Africa by forging stronger partnerships with Ethiopia, one of the region’s major economies, President of the Philippines, Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said.

President Marcos made the remark while welcoming Ethiopian Ambassador, Dessie Dalkie Dukamo in Malacañang on Tuesday.

The president said during the occasion that as Africa develops further as an emerging major economy the Philippines could seize the opportunity by forging stronger partnership with Ethiopia, one of the region’s major economies.

In his remarks, the President noted how the entire world is excited about Africa’s growth.

“I think the whole world is a very excited about — how most of Africa is positioned in terms of — now coming and emerging… as major economy, as they already are.”

The Philippines and Ethiopia, he said, can explore many things in terms of trade, transfer of technology and other exchanges.

He noted that the Philippines has identified agriculture as a priority sector because of the necessity to support the needs of the Filipino people and also sustaining the rest of the economy, including the service and the manufacturing sectors, the base of the country’s development.

For his part, ambassador Dessie said Ethiopia considers the Philippines’ development trajectory something to look at.

“We know how the Philippines is growing from traditional agriculture to services and manufacturing industry, especially in the area of technical and vocational training. The way how the Philippine makes its people…skilled and dedicated and productive,” he said.

“We know well the Philippines through its workers. We are so grateful and we can share a lot in the area of trade and industry. From the fastest growing economy, we can share a lot. Ethiopia is also now growing larger, step by step (becoming) a large country and the largest economy in East Africa with huge potential in trade and investment.”

Philippine businessmen can invest in Ethiopia’s industrial area, particularly with their expertise in manufacturing especially electronics, which they could introduce to Ethiopia, he said, noting that aside from being a large country in Africa, his country is also a gateway in that region.

“It’s geographically located bridging the Middle East and the rest of Africa and also Western countries. So, if Filipino businessmen come and invest in Ethiopia, it’s possible to take advantage of Africa market.”

He also raised the need to establish air linkages between Ethiopia and the Philippines to strengthen bilateral cooperation in various fields, which could also be expanded regionally in Africa.

The Philippines and Ethiopia have agreed to cooperate on trade, technology, Manila-Addis Ababa air linkage, according to Office of the President of the Philippines.

The Philippines and Ethiopia formally established diplomatic relations on February 7, 1977, and are celebrating 46 years of diplomatic relations this year.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency