Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Minister of Peace, Binalf Andualem has stressed the need to intensify the sprite of volunteerism among all Ethiopians in order to help expedite the national development efforts.

All the six days of Pagumen, the 13th months of Ethiopian calendar, are being marked with various thematic topics with a view to help strengthen national unity.

Dedicated to Pagument 3 set for marking a national day for ‘Human Goodness’ under the theme “Goodness for A Nation.”

The Ministry of Women and social Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Peace organized a panel in connection with the day.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Peace, Binalf Andualem said we need to effectively cultivate the spirit of voluntarism in the nationwide effort to promote development.

The Minister further stated that to engage in voluntary services would suffice to be human and stressed that we need to practice it in our daily activities.

Minister of Women and Social Affair, Ergoge Tesfaye, remarked that voluntary service is rendering willful services to the public with no remuneration.

She noted that this is an important social asset that could be utilized to promote public services and added that the recent efforts made by the youth to serve the public in various forms of voluntary activities at national level is being capped with necessary encouraging and commendable results.

Ergoge further noted that voluntary services need to be promoted among citizens to the level of a national cultural asset over the next fiscal year.

Also speaking on the occasion, founder of Mekedonia, Center for the Elderly and Mentally impaired Persons, Binyam Belete stated that engaging in voluntary services is pivotal for the prevalence of peace of mind among those who practice it.

He added that such practices require special sacrifices and requires resolving to live for the benefits of other persons as well.

Founder of Babul Keyer Charity Organization, Hanan Mohammed stated that voluntary services is of vital importance for national development and gives mental relief and satisfaction for those who are actively involved in it.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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