Paragon ready to take over HKIA ground handling operations: Namandje

Paragon Investment Holdings’ legal representative, Sisa Namandje, on Wednesday said the company is ready to assume control of ground handling services at the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Addressing a press conference, Namandje also emphasised that the company will no longer entertain any delays orchestrated by Menzies Aviation.

The press conference followed a high court ruling on Tuesday dismissing an application by Menzies for a further extension of their operations at the airport.

The High Court’s verdict mandated the removal of Menzies Aviation from the airport premises, as Paragon had been awarded the ground handling services contract by the Namibia Airports Company in 2021. Menzies had been rendering ground handling services at the airport since 2014. Despite their appeal application to the Supreme Court, contesting the High Court’s decision that their services would conclude by the end of June 2022, Menzies continued its operations.

Judge Shafimana Ueitele ruled on Tuesday that while Menzies must adhere to the original directive to vacate the airport, a 30-day notice period is deemed reasonable. Meanwhile, Menzies has communicated to its clientele that its services at the airport will persist “unless you are otherwise informed by Menzies and not any other third party.”

“We will not tolerate a situation where, in an independent Namibia, a party would ignore a court order confirmed by the Supreme Court. For too long we have been trying to play safe, not to appear to be obstructive, notwithstanding that Paragon has been losing millions to maintain its preparedness to take over. I think the time has come where my client is no longer going to tolerate any other delay tactics. Once the Namibia Airports Company has given notice and Paragon is informed, Paragon will in accordance with that notice, use all the available resources and remedies to ensure that it will be providing services at the airport,” Namandje said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency