Panel Discusses Medemer Philosophy that Encourages Cooperation to Improve Lives of Citizens

Medemer is a patriotic approach that teaches and encourages cooperation in order to improve the lives of citizens in addition to loving the country and the people, according to Democratic System Building Center Coordinating Minister Zadig Abraha.

A one-day panel discussion organized by the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), in collaboration with the Somali Region Communication Office, was held under the theme "Medemer: Patriotism of the Era" in the regional capital Jigjiga today.

Federal and Somali regional senior government officials as well as elders took part in the panel discussion.

During the discussion, Zadig Abraha, Democratic System Building Center Coordinator at the Office of the Prime Minster Office presented Medemer’s perspective on the concept of patriotism that promotes every sphere of life.

According to him, Medemer encourages working together to improve the lives of citizens.

Recalling that our forefathers defended the country with a spirit of patriotism and inherited to us a free nation, Zadig noted that the foundation of their victory was Medemer.

He explained that the idea of Medemer is based on the existing facts and values of Ethiopia as it is a homegrown concept.

For the coordinator, Medemer is patriotism that encourages loving the country, its people and working together to improve the lives of citizens.

Ethiopians need to therfore consolidate unity and togetherness in order to make the country prosperous with the combined capacity and spirit of patriotism, he stressed.

Somali Region Prosperity Party Branch Office Head, Mohamed Shalle said Medemer is solidarity that would elevate Ethiopia by pooling together the capacity of the country.

Mohamed noted that this homegrown thought has taught us that we should not spend our energy on hatred and bigotry but on helping one another and achieving growth.

In this cause, the head stressed the need for resolving differences peacefully rather than through conflict and hostile approach.

The head stated that the idea of Medemer is the new path for Ethiopia to exploit its indigenous wisdom which would free the country from foreign ideology.

Ethiopians need to ensure the elevation of their country, which is our common home, with the idea of Medemer, the legal scholar Roba Petros said.

The scholar who presented a paper entitled “Medemer and the Rise of Ethiopia” pointed out that there are ideas and resources in all areas that can make the rise of Ethiopia a reality.

Indicating that previous governments had in vain tried to implement non-indigenous ideologies without taking the Ethiopian context into consideration, he stated that Medemer has come with a different idea and approach.

For him, Medemer focuses on surveying the past, examining the present, and clearly setting the destination of tomorrow.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency