Over 3,000 Suspect Individuals Arrested of Involvement with Terrorist Groups, Money Laundering : NISS

Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) announced today that over 3,000 suspected individuals have been arrested of participating in terrorist groups, money laundering and corruption.

NISS has today evaluated its annual performance and put forward directions for future activities.

NISS said in a statement it released to the media that it has carried out series of reform works with a view to building professional institution that is free from political bias and capable of thwarting security threats by gathering and analyzing information regarding national, regional and international situations.

In parallel with the successful achievements registered during the budget year, NISS has also accomplished various missions to resolve security problems encountered in the country, the statement added.

According to the statement, over 9,000 intelligence information have been analyzed and utilized during the concluded budget year.

Most of the information is utilized to thwart security problems attempted by various terrorist and irregular groups in the country, it pointed out.

Over 3,000 individuals suspected of participating in terrorist groups, money laundering, corruption and other illegal activities have been arrested, NISS indicated in its statement.

Similarly, NISS in cooperation with foreign counterparts has reversed terrorist attacks targeting innocent citizens and arrested 165 Al-shabab and 121 IS members.

NISS has also arrested 225 suspects after analyzing information related to corruption crimes committed against various institutions and it has also gathered information on 691 suspected individuals.

Various types of minerals including 44 KG gold have also been seized while trying to be smuggled out of the country, it said.

NISS has made tireless efforts to thwart national, regional and international threats by working in cooperation with partner institutions in the country as well as coordinating with foreign counterpart institutions, it stated.

It also announced that it will continue efforts to protect the interests and security of the country.

NISS also was indicated during its annual evaluation that instead of opting for negotiations and discussions, some armed and extremist forces, have been attempting to grab government power by force and create opportunities for lootings to threaten the national security of the country in collaboration with foreign anti-peacekeeping elements citing the recent incidents of Amhara Region.

Though series of efforts were carried out with the relevant government institutions, elders and religious fathers with a view to resolving problems in Amhara region, the problem has not yet been resolved.

According to NISS, some forces, organized to carry out lootings, have currently been trying to create social, economic and political pressures on the public by destroying governmental structures, disrupting the activities of financial institutions, blocking road infrastructures that connect the region with federal government.

As per the request made by the Amhara Regional State that the breach of security in the region has reached such a level that cannot be addressed by the regular law enforcement system, a state of emergency was declared by the Council of Ministers to tackle the problem, the statement of NISS recalled.

In this regard, NISS has been carrying out activities in order to help ensure the peace and security of the region in a short period of time by coordinating the general command established to implement the state of emergency proclamation.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency