Oshakati Town Council unveils new logo

Oshakati Mayor, Leonard Hango, officially launched the new Oshakati Town Council logo on Friday.

The logo displays an Oshakati Broadcasting Tower and sun rising from the horizon, replacing old logo that carries a palm tree and hoes.

In his remarks, at the event, Hango said the new council logo captures the essence of the town, it’s vibrant energy, it’s unity in diversity and it’s forward looking ambition.

According to him, the colours, shapes and elements of the logo symbolize the various facets that make up the community.

“A community that stands together and embraces progress while cherishing its roots. The rebranding effort is more than just a change in appearance, a statement of commitment to growth and development,” he said.

Hango further noted that the new logo is a pledge to provide better services, improved infrastructure and high quality of life to the residents.

With the new logo, Hango said council embarks on a new chapter, one filled with promise, potential and endless opportunities.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency