Oromos from Oromia Region, Country Flocking to Bishoftu To Celebrate Irreechaa Tomorrow

Oromos from all corners of the region and the country are flocking to Bishoftu town to celebrate Irreechaa festival on Sunday.

Irreechaa Festival, which is annual Thanksgiving Day among the Oromo people, has been celebrated colorfully today at Hora Finfinnee in Addis Ababa in the presence of Aba Gadas, Haadha Siinqees and with a large number of Oromos and other ethnic identities coming from different parts of the country.

Similarly, Bishoftu, a business hub even in ordinary circumstances, is now busy hosting its guests.

ENA reporters witnessed that service rendering institutions such as traditional clothes store, souvenir shops, hotels and cafes are fully serving their guests.

Guests in all age groups and in traditional attires are expressing joy by singing and chanting.

The Ireechaa festival is an annual event celebrated every year among the Oromo community and it is becoming one of the big outdoor festivals in the country.

It is celebrated for all things that Waqaa ‘God’ has done for people like bringing rains, peace, health, fertility, abundance and for the beautiful weather they have cherished

Source: Ethiopian News Agency