Oromo girls

Oromo girls celebrate Irreecha dressed in the vibrant attire of their tradition. Their brightly colored dresses are made of a lightweight cotton fabric. The dresses are intricately embellished with multicolored beadwork, showcasing the fine detail and artistry of Oromo craftsmanship. The beadwork designs follow traditional patterns that have been passed down for generations. Tiny seed beads in shades of red, yellow, green, blue and white are sewn into geometric shapes and floral motifs, each pattern carrying its own significance. This intricate beadwork is a hallmark of Oromo culture.

By their hands, the girls carry beautifully woven baskets made of natural grasses. These strong yet flexible baskets are a traditional Oromo handicraft, used for gathering crops and carrying goods. Such handicrafts demonstrate the Oromo people's rich artistic talents.

At the Irreecha festival, Oromos from across the region and nations nationalities from all parts of the country gather to give thanks and celebrate the fall harvest. The festival provides an opportunity to maintain cherished Oromo customs and pass them on to the next generation. Ranging from their vibrant attire and handmade crafts, the girls represent the living heritage of their people. Their role in Oromo culture keeps thriving.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency