Operation Vala Konke at the Buffalo City Municipality District yield to positive results

BUFFALO CITY MUNICIPALITY DISTRICT – On 21 December 2022 and 22 December 2022 BCM district SAPS members painted the entire district blue by conducting operation Vala Konke on different areas that yielded positive results.
While members were conducting stop and search, Vehicle Check Points and suspect raiding in the BCM district they managed to arrest more than eighty nine (89) suspects between the ages of 20 and 45 on various charges.
Shopping malls, beaches, illegal shebeens and taverns were patrolled and visited where liquor was confiscated. Illegal firearm and live ammunition, dagga and tik were also confiscated.
Suspected stolen property and dangerous weapons were also confiscated.
The BCM District Commissioner Major General HJ Vos commended the members on the successful operation they conducted.

Source: South African Police Service