Operation restore confiscates firearms

On Saturday 2022-09-24 at about 18:20 Philippi East SAPS members requested assistance from other police patrols regarding people who were being robbed on the bridge of Stock Rad near Philippi Station, and upon arrival the suspects fled and ran underneath the bridge through the Philippi train station.

Later that night, at about 23:00, members of Operation Restore saw four males with the same clothing description as the suspects who evaded the police earlier. The members gave chase and caught one suspect. A firearm and a cellular telephone were confiscated

The exhibits were handed in for safekeeping, and the suspect was arrested and detained at Philippi East SAPS.

In another incident, on Saturday 2022-09-24, at about 21:30, the members of Operation Restore were conducting duties at Joe Slovo Freedom Way. The members disarmed a male who was chasing someone with a firearm. When he could not produce a licence of the firearm, he was arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. A pistol and 19 rounds of ammunition were confiscated.

The suspect was arrested and detained at Milnerton SAPS, and he is due to appear in the Cape Town Magistrates court once he has been charged.

Meanwhile, members of Operation Restore deployed in Nyanga, Browns Farm were doing stop and searches at Sheffield Road, Browns Farm, when they saw a suspicious looking male and stopped next to him. He was searched and found with a prohibited firearm in his waist and when he was asked about it, he could not give proper explanation. The 20 year old suspect was arrested and he will appear in court once charged.

Source: South African Police Service