One Country One Priority Product Project Launched

One Country One Priority Product” (OCOP) Project, which aimed to enhancing the production and productivity of teff in Ethiopia was launched today.

A launching workshop under the theme “Strengthening the teff value chain in Ethiopia through promotion of best practices for enhanced production and productivity One Country One Priority Product (OCOP) Project”was launched in Addis Ababa.

The workshop brings together ministers and high-level officials, local and international partners, the private sector and researchers to ensure collaboration and shared responsibility towards achieving increased production, productivity and incomes of actors in the teff value chain.

Advisor for agricultural and horticulture at the Ministry of Agriculture, Abdulsemed Abdo said the project is anticipated to contribute and improve food and nutrition security of the country by increasing the production and productivity of incomes of actors in the teff value chain.

The quality and special characteristics of teff make it a valuable contributor to better nutrition, he said, adding the implementation of this project will involve various actors.

FAO Representative in Ethiopia, Farayi Zimudzi said this project aspires to foster better production, enhanced nutrition, a healthier environment, and an improved quality of life for all leaving no one behind, which is in line with a FAO’s corporate strategic focus.

She added that this project aims to significantly contribute to the nation’s food and nutrition security in the pursuit of sustainable and resilient food sector.

“FAO firmly believes that by harnessing the unique qualities of teff and investing in this development, we can significantly contribute to improved food and nutrition security inequality,” she added.

FAO has launched a five-year program (2021-2025) called Global Action on Green Development of Special Agricultural Products (SAP): One Country One Priority Product (OCOP).

As part of this initiative, the Government of Ethiopia has selected teff as its priority commodity. And FAO is providing technical support for the development of teff value chain.

OCOP is a two-year project designed to support the Government of Ethiopia to enhance the production and productivity of teff, with its unique quality and special characteristics that can contribute to better nutrition and human health.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency