Ondangwa council maintains status quo

Paavo Amwele was re-elected as Ondangwa mayor for the third time on Friday. Amwele will be deputised by his fellow Swapo councillor Ester Auala, while Julia Kapia (Swapo), Gaus Tshithigona (IPC) and Nicodemus Amadhila (Swapo) were elected as management committee members. Tshithigona replaced Ericky Angula of the same party, who resigned as council member, leaving a vacant position in the council earlier this year. Meanwhile, Kapia was re-elected as the chairperson of the management committee. Alfeus Hauwanga and Maria Haufiku, both from IPC, are ordinary members of the seven-member Ondangwa Town Council office bearers. In his acceptance speech, Amwele reaffirmed his commitment to continue advocating for hard work, innovation and improved corporate governance, particularly accountability and transparency, as they render services to the people. 'I will be relying on the support that you give me as well as the support that I can get from the staff members,' he said. He added that as leaders and councillo rs they should always remember that their duties are to give direction to staff members and to encourage them to do their work and in a conducive environment. Source: The Namibian Press Agency