Non-aligned Diplomatic Principle Earns Ethiopia Huge Acceptance, Trust Globally: Former Diplomat

The constructive non-aligned diplomatic principle Ethiopia has been following has earned it huge trust and acceptance internationally, a former diplomat said.

The Ethiopian News Agency had exclusive interview with veteran Ethiopian ambassador Tiruneh Zena and the international foreign relations expert Professor Brook Hailu.

According to the former Ethiopian Ambassador Tiruneh Zena, the constructive non-aligned diplomatic principle that Ethiopia has been pursuing for many years has earned it trust and acceptance.

Ethiopia has been taking a non-aligned position and implementing constructive principle in its diplomatic activities, following the division of the world into two camps after the Second World War.

Non-alignment is an independent policy which originated after the war and does not associate itself with the blocs.

Ethiopia, which is the founder of non-alignment, adheres to its principle of neutrality in its relations with other countries, the former ambassador noted.

Neutrality does not mean having no position or a group of non-aligned countries with no position, Ambassador Tiruneh stated, adding that such countries do have position but do not simply support one or the other.

He stressed that the principle of constructive non-aligned diplomacy Ethiopia is currently following has enabled it to establish diplomatic relations based on cooperation with all countries of the world.

African Leadership Excellence Academy Senior Advisor, Professor Brook Hailu recalled that Ethiopia sided with USA and the Soviet Union during Emperor Haile Selassie and the Derg regimes, respectively.

As a result, the foreign relations of the countries in those eras put Ethiopia in an isolated position and did not benefit from it.

Professor Brook believes that Ethiopia’s joining to BRICS group proves the country has earned trust and acceptance due to its neutrality.

“When nonaligned, this first shows we are independent. Second, we do not side with any group. Thirdly, it shows that we follow a policy of coexistence with other countries in peace and love,” he elaborated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency