No Damage Inflicted on Heritages in Gondar Due to Recent Instability

The recent instability occurred in Gondar has inflicted no damage on heritages, according to Gondar International Heritages Administrator.

Gondar International Heritages Administrator, Getahun Seyum told ENA that there are international world heritages inscribed under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) contributing significantly in making the city a center of tourism.

The recent instability in the city will have some impact in the tourism activities however; no heritages have been damaged, he pointed out.

Getahun noted that some social media information that says heritages are damaged is far from truth and anyone can confirm the safety of the heritages in person.

The public always safeguards the heritages' safety in Gondar, he said, and urged all to discharge their due responsibility in ensuring the safety of international heritages.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency