New Technologies Displayed at Exhibition Help Expedite Dev’t of Agriculture sector: participants

New technological of agriculture and science exhibition at Science Museum accelerates development of the agricultural sector, participants who showcased their products said.

It is to be recalled Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has launched agriculture and science exhibition at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa under the theme “from the lab to the field” on May 7,2023.

The month long exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with pertinent bodies at the Science Museum, has been showcasing modern technological products, especially for the agricultural sector.

The exhibition also created opportunities for those engaged in the sector to share experience and make market connection.

Lemi Asfa from Rensys Engineering is among the participants who has displayed water pumps which can operate in solar energy.

The water pump technology enables farmers in rural areas to drain water easily using sunlight, he said.

The Ministry of Agriculture also displayed integrated fish farming technology.

Achamyelesh Turessa, Fish Farming Expert at the ministry said that the technology is used for fish and chicken production as well a vegetables in a small place.

More than 70 research-based innovations, digitalization of agriculture and agricultural financing are put on display at the exhibition.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency