New District Commissioner strengthen partnership with parks and tourism agency

JOE GQABI DISTRICT – The Eastern Cape does not only boast with the most beautiful coast line but we also have nature reserves with extraordinary sunsets and landscapes of which one is at Oviston in the Joe Gqabi District situated in the Venterstad policing area.
In a bid to discourage the occurrences of stubborn crimes and to stipulate police duties the District Commissioner of Joe Gqabi District, Maj General Lindelwa Vellem, together with Capt Pretorius and the Station Commander of Venterstad, Capt Boorman, visited the Nature Reserve in Oviston with the aim of strengthening relations with the local police station at Venterstad.
Conversations were held with the rangers and the District Commissioner indicated that it was good to hear from the Range manager, Mr Jijana, as the manager, Mr Luyanda Gcaza, was out of town, that they always see the police conducting patrols around the site .
More information came out during the engagement which is of vital importance to the police.
The engagement was aimed at securing safety measures in the site and the Lodge as the Park is accommodating international and local tourists.
Both parties agreed that the Memorandum of understanding will be signed in January 2023 and Venterstad police will develop a Visitor’s Register whereby the police will append their signatures together with the Rangers on duty, of which safety concerns will be recorded there, and in turn, will be addressed procedurally.
As a way forward contact details were exchanged by both parties for ease of use when a need arises.
The Venterstad SAPS will continue to conduct patrols in the Park and the Lodge as it is situated a bit further away from the Park.
The visit by Maj Gen Vellem were much appreciated and both parties is looking forward in strengthening our partnership as SAPS is ready to serve all communities and partners in our policing of the Joe Gqabi District.

Source: South African Police Service