Network coverage under scrutiny during MTC Interact event in Gobabis

MTC’s coverage in Gobabis came under scrutiny during the MTC Interact event on Wednesday, with community members and the regional leadership claiming that the Omaheke Region still grapples with network coverage challenges.

During the engagement, many other issues were brought forth, among them enquiries about security issues with regard to the registration of cellphone numbers and products for learners.

Many farmers wanted to know how MTC can help them in mitigating stock theft through the introduction of new technologies and whether the mobile company can install cameras on MTC towers as they believe this will help mitigate the problem.

Omaheke Chief Regional Officer (CRO) Pecka Semba questioned MTC on the requirement of erecting towers and also indicated that many areas in Omaheke, especially in Aminuis, do not have a proper functioning network.

In response, MTC Chief Technology and Information Officer Monica Nehemia explained that the 98 per cent coverage refers to operational coverage all over the country, which according to her, means people who have access to the MTC network.

“Talking about the different landscapes that is very challenging, we have the densely populated areas but we are making sure that we bring out connectivity and coverage in the region,” she said.

MTC also promised to look into issues raised during the community engagement such as the provision of quality, affordable and reliable services.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency