National Defense Force Strong Enough to Protect Ethiopia: Field Marshal Birhanu Jula

Armed with modern technology and equipped with military science and art, the National Defense Force is now in a strong position to protect the country, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula said.

The 41st round Zobel Course Commandos and Anti-terrorist Special Force members graduated in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula said a modern army has been built based on the strategy of having a strong defense force.

According to him, a strong and modern army has been built to save Ethiopia from any force of destruction.

He also confirmed that the National Defense Force is armed with the latest technology and military science and art so as to protect the country.

Field Marshal Berhanu finally stressed that the National Defense Force is the last bastion of Ethiopia's sovereignty.

The building of a modern army will continue, he pointed out.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency