NASRIA pumps over N.dollars 100 000 into schools

The Namibia Special Risks Association Limited (NASRIA) has over the last three weeks donated material and equipment worth over N.dollars 150 000 to various schools around the country.

This includes a PA System donated to Ondjamba Combined School in the Oshikoto Region valued at N.dollars 20 000 and cement and bricks worth N.dollars 50 000 donated to Romanus Kamunoko Secondary School in the Kavango East Region to enable the school to complete the construction of ablution facilities.

Stationery worth N.dollars 40 000 was donated to the Chris Lotter Secondary and Ariamsvlei Primary Schools in the ||Kharas Region, while Daweb Secondary School and Klein Aub Primary School in the Hardap Region received laptops, printers and projectors valued at N.dollars 40 000.

NASRIA marketing executive Ndapona Schleberger in a media statement on Thursday said NASRIA is committed to seeing communities thrive as it is a key imperative in their developmental trajectory.

“The company will continue to make donations that help the government in its endeavour to meet some sustainability development goals,” Schleberger said.

The marketing executive also said donations accompanied by meetings with key regional leaders including governors, chief regional officers and councillors appraising them on the developments surrounding NASRIA’s new product, the Weather Index Based Livestock Insurance (WIBLI).

“Some of the regions where we went to donate education-related goods are the same regions in which our WIBLI product will be piloted and thus we felt it prudent to appraise leaders in these regions about the envisaged development. We hope the finer details of the product will be ironed out soon and we will be able to roll out this much-anticipated product soon,” said Schleberger.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency