Narok County Supports Muslim Households During Ramadhan

Muslims in Narok County have praised the Narok County Governor Patrick Ntutu for giving needy families food during the Ramadhan period. The Muslim community led by Narok Township Member of County Assembly Ibrahim Kudate said the county government had given Sh 1.5 million to help the needy families that struggle to place a plate of food on the table. Kudate said the food given by Governor Ntutu was distributed even to the non-Muslims who were also facing economic challenges during this period when the country is facing hard economic times. He lauded the Muslims in the county for upholding their brotherhood values during the entire Ramadhan period saying no divisions or criminal incidents were reported amongst them. 'Let this religion continue binding us together. We do not want to hear some of us coming against their fellow brothers again. We want to resolve our differences amicably and live in peace,' he said. Hussein Ahmed, a youth leader in the Muslim community called on the National leaders to hold dialogue so as to resolve issues affecting the country instead of holding protest. Ahmed thanked Governor Ntutu for his continued support to the Muslim community promising to support him as he implement development projects in the county. Another leader Abdi Ashi called on residents to continue living in peace despite their religion and ethnic background. The Muslim women led by Saidia Ahmed and Khadija Musa praised the county government for helping the less fortunate people in the society and promised to continue supporting the current administration.

Source: Kenya News Agency