NamRA officially opens satellite office at Opuwo

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) officially opened a new satellite office at Opuwo on Thursday to supplement the office in Khorixas in its attempts to bring its services closer to the people.

This means residents of Opuwo and surrounding areas will no longer be required to travel long distances to submit their tax returns or obtain tax and good standing certificates.

The official inauguration of the satellite office also featured an oversight visit and a community involvement programme, officiated by NamRA's Commissioner Sam Shivute.

Shivute said the agency will work to preserve and enforce Namibian tax and customs regulations in a consistent, fair, efficient, and effective manner, with a focus on the requirements of each taxpayer and trader.

He also emphasised the need to pay taxes, stating that revenue collection is the only method for the government to care for its inhabitants.

'Tax payments are a mandatory and collective approach that allows our government to provide for its citizens in terms of road infrastructure, health care and education. So the money you pay ensures that the police are paid, government workers are compensated, and medication is available at our hospitals,' he explained.

The commissioner also reiterated the agency's stance on the tax amnesty programme, assuring customers that once the capital tax arrears are resolved during the programme duration, 100 per cent of their penalties and interest will be written off.

'I am equally pleading with those in those arrears to make the necessary arrangements to have their penalties waived before October 2024,' he said.

Kunene governor Marius Sheya commended NamRA for its successes and dedication to tax collecting efforts and national development, stating that the agency's revenue has been the backbone of the country's social progress and economic prosperity.

'Tax compliance is critical, and it is our responsibility to contribute our fair share. Failing to contribute our fair share harms the most vulnerable in our society,' Sheya explained.

The agency also handed over 200 spades to the regional governor's office.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency