NABTA invites bus, taxi drivers to take FAT

OMUTHIYA: Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA) secretary, Pendapala Nakathingo, has urged all buses and taxi drivers to undergo First Aid Training and Defensive Driving courses so as to reduce road accidents. Nakathingo said in an interview with Nampa on Thursday that they established First Aid Training courses in September 2022 to provide lifesaving skills for drivers as it turns drivers into useful first responders at accident scenes. He said the objectives of the defensive driving training are to provide the necessary driving skills to bus and taxi drivers to help them maintain safety on the road. 'It helps them deal with all weather conditions, other vehicles on the road including all road users, and potentially hazardous situations, as well as taking necessary action to avoid becoming the cause of or becoming involved in a road crash,' Nakathingo said. He said when driving defensively, they are aware and ready for whatever happens, and they are cautious, yet ready to act. 'You will be taught tec hniques on sharing the road safely, avoiding others who are driving aggressively and recklessly, driver alertness, allowing time and space and ensuring that the vehicle and driver's intention is also visible on the road,' he said. Nakathingo said they have so far trained more than 700 bus and taxi drivers across the country through their partner, Drivewell Training Academy, and OSHMED first aid training. 'The drivers are taught in the principles of emergency care, safety, and emergency scene management, artificial respirations, airway obstruction, wounds and bleeding, fractures, burn wounds and trauma,' said Nakathingo. He added that at the end, the drivers are all supplied with emergency first aid kits to keep in their vehicles and for practical use as certified first aiders. Nakathingo also pointed out that 85 to 90 per cent of road crashes are attributed to driver error and people should contact NABTA if they want to undergo the training as it is continuous and will be offered from region to region. N ABTA is a legally recognised transport association operating within the borders of the Republic of Namibia. Source: The Namibia Press Agency