Murder accused sentenced to 17 years for murder of partner in Strydenburg

The SAPS Management welcomes the 17 year prison sentence that was handed down to Harris Samson in the Northern Cape High Court in Kimberley recently.
On 06 April 2022 at about 21:00 Natasha Goeiman was brutally murdered by her life partner, Harris Samson in Strydenburg.
The accused horrifically assaulted the victim to death with a bicycle chain and a spade.
Natasha Goeiman(27) died on the scene and the accused fled but police arrested him three days later.
Harris Samson (28) remained in custody until his sentencing to 17 years direct imprisonment on 15 November 2022.
The District Commissioner for Pixley Ka Seme, Major General Nomana Adonis commended WO Francisco Naude and Constable Ingrid Lephoi for their meticulous investigation of the case.
This sentencing will relay a stern message that no impunity will be granted to perpetrators of GBVF, as this remains one of the priorities of the South African Police Service.

Source: South African Police Service