MTC expands engagement session to Omaheke

MTC will hold a customer engagement strategy workshop named ‘MTC Interact’ at Gobabis in the Omaheke Region on Wednesday.

The engagement session will allow Gobabis residents and MTC management to share notes on MTC’s customer service, data pricing, shareholding issues, the company’s new business strategy, and realignment efforts to continue sustaining the business model and serving the diverse needs of the 2.4 million customers.

MTC’s Chief Human Capital, Corporate Affairs, and Marketing Officer, Tim Ekandjo, in a media statement on Monday said the session is designed for residents to freely engage MTC management on pressing issues while the company sheds light on the journey ahead and how all shareholders can play a role.

“MTC Interact will be making its premier appearance in cattle country and we expect the 081Nation to come out and engage us. This is not only a good opportunity for the residents, but equally so for management to hear our customers,” said Ekandjo.

Ekandjo added that during the airing, the MTC EXCO team will be discussing not only the strategic initiatives but also issues that the customers experience.

This will be the first time ‘MTC Interact’ takes place outside the Khomas Region since its launch in 2018 and Ekandjo encouraged Omaheke residents to utilise the opportunity.

“Since we launched this initiative in 2018, we have only hosted it digitally in Windhoek. This time we will have a hybrid format because in addition to hosting it virtually, we are also taking it out of the conventional studio set-up,” Ekandjo said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency