Most Areas of Amhara Region Return to Normalcy: State of Emergency Central Command Post

Most areas of the Amhara Region have been returning to normalcy following the measures taken in the second round of military operations, according to the State of Emergency Central Command Post.

Recall that the State of Emergency Central Command Post has been carrying out law enforcement activities to restore peace in Amhara Region.

In its update this morning, the Central Command Post confirmed that the first round military operations are successfully completed.

According to the statement, consultations have also been carried out with various sections of the society in all areas of the region; and public, private and community services are returning to normalcy.

The Central Command Post added that inhabitants of the region have been increasingly welcoming the National Defense Force by providing food and encouragement.

The desire of the public for the restoration of socio-economic services is encouraging, the statement stressed.

Farmers are returning to agricultural activities and the Central Command Post has realized that conditions that enable the transportaion of agricultural inputs to various parts of the region have been created.

To enhance the socio-economic services in 6 cities of the region, the Central Command Post announced that it has lifted the ban on three-wheel taxis in the cities.

It, however, instructed owners and drivers of three-wheel taxis to refrain from transporting weapons and looted properties to the extremist group.

The three-wheel taxis will resume operation effective tomorrow, it was learned.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency