More than 4.4 Mil Hectares of Land Covered with seeds in Amhara Region

More than 4.4 million hectares of land have been covered with seeds in Amhara region, Head of the agricultural bureau, Hailemariam Kefyalw disclosed.

Hailemariam told ENA that following the implementation of the state of emergency in the region peace and stability the agricultural activities have been reinstated.

He further stated that agricultural inputs are being provided and full development activities restored.

As a result, the farmers in the region have started farming activities in cooperation with the leadership and experts.

Mentioning that 5.29 million quintals of fertilizer have been purchased for the region out of which some 4.2 million quintals have already been under distribution.

Since the declaration of the state of emergency, soil fertilizer which was being transported by 370 vehicles have also arrived in the region.

The region has planned to cover 5 million hectares of land with seeds and harvest 160 million quintals of agricultural products during the current harvest season, he indicated.

Specialized seeds and fertilizer inputs, including mechanized farming tools, have also been made available to the farmers, Hailemariam added.

It is to be recalled that the security problem in the Amhara region, the peace and stability has returned to normalcy by joint endeavors of the national defense force in cooperation with the security forces of the region. The situation has helped to resume regular services in the cities due to the peace and stability created.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency