Ministry Forecasts 9 Million Jobs over Coming Three years

Planning and Development Minister Fisum Assefa said 9 million jobs will be created in the second phase of the 10-year perspective development plan of the country from the Ethiopian fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

The mid-term performance review of the 10-year plan was held in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

The meeting has also discussed about the mid-term plan of the second phase that would be implemented over the coming three years.

The minister said that the man-made and natural challenges encountered over the past three years at global and national levels have created negative impacts on the implementation of the 10-year perspective development plan of the country.

Despite the multifaceted challenges, the mid-term performance of the first phase of the 10 years plan has registered successful achievements in various sectors.

In this regard, she cited as examples the encouraging achievements attained in Foreign Direct Investment and agriculture.

Although the macro economy inflation generated as a result of global problems has been one of the biggest challenges, the nation has curbed the problem before it was out of control, according to the minister.

For Fisum, the overall economic performance registered during the period is encouraging despite disparities among performances of the various economic sectors.

Indicating the inadequate finance flow from international development institutions, the minister said efforts have been made to compensate the financial shortages with domestic alternatives by mobilizing the community.

She pointed out that activities carried out in developing tourism destinations, the Green Legacy Initiative, and voluntary services by mobilizing the people have brought notable contribution to the overall economic development of the country.

With regard to the mid-term plan, the minister stated that directions have been set to redesign a compensation plan in sectors with low performance during the first phase of the 10-year perspective plan.

Sectors with better performance are expected to have additional targets in the second phase of the plan, it was learned.

Accordingly, the agriculture sector is expected to have additional targets; while tourism, mines and manufacturing will redesign a compensation plan.

As per the direction, the share of gold will increase to 13 tons from 4 tons, and the share of domestic products to 46 percent.

The minister said the efforts to ensure food self-sufficiency will be intensified and the agriculture sector will expand by additional 2 million hectares of land during the current Ethiopian fiscal year alone.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency