MEC Anton Bredel urges people to be safe during expected heavy rains

Provincial Disaster Management Centre urges people to be safe during expected heavy rains
Anton Bredell, Western Cape MEC of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning today said people should heed warnings issued by the South African Weather Services to be safe and vigilant as more scattered to widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected in the Western Cape. Bredell said the current combination of severe weather and high levels of load shedding increases risk, so people are urged to remain vigilant and consider their safety in their immediate surroundings.
“Our Disaster Management Centre has a spotter plane in the air looking for people in distress, particularly on the West Coast, and we have the support of SARZA, a volunteer organisation with specialised off-road vehicles that can access difficult locations, if we should need them” MEC Bredell said.
The Disaster Management Centre advises the public to adhere to the following safety guidelines during heavy downpours:
• Drive with extra caution, especially on dirt roads.
• Do not attempt river crossings where low level bridges are flooded.
• During lightning strikes, avoid being close to stand-out structures such as power pylons, high trees or any other features which might serve as a lightning conductor.

MEC Bredell said the Western Cape Disaster Management Centre remains on standby and in a state of readiness for load shedding, severe weather, and all other disaster related incidents.

Source: Government of South Africa