Malnutrition problem in Omaheke under control: Nganate

Omaheke Governor Pijoo Nganate on Friday said the region is working hard to ensure that there are no more cases of malnutrition reported, with only one such case reported in August.

Nganate made the remarks during a courtesy visit by the parliamentary standing committee on gender equality, social development and family affairs, led by its Chairperson Godhard Kasuto.

He said the problem of malnutrition in the region is under control, noting that it is contributed by unemployment and hunger among the communities.

“The issue of malnutrition was also attributed to cold. They said children are dying for two reasons one is hunger and the other one is cold. Even our hospital does not have heaters or enough blankets for children”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Omaheke malnutrition technical working committee chairperson Reree Kaune who was part of the delegation that visited the governor’s office, said the committee has achieved a lot and is working hard to completely change the situation, although they too are challenged by other factors.

“We have a very well-coordinated functional multi-sectoral committee. This committee looks at previous meeting resolutions as they come in and if there are new cases reported, to respond as soon as possible. Another achievement is that the communication and referral system is strengthened,” she alluded.

Kaune further said the number of soup kitchens aimed to address the problem has increased from three to ten, and most of these are in informal settlements to cater for the majority of people.

The Omaheke malnutrition technical working committee consist of more than 30 experts from different line ministries, private organizations and individuals to deal with any malnutrition issues in the region.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency