Load shedding downgraded to Stage 4

Eskom has downgraded load shedding to Stage 4 this morning (Wednesday) after Stage 6 load shedding was implemented on Tuesday evening.
Stage 4 load shedding is expected to continue until further notice.
“[Stage 6 was] necessary to ensure sufficient generation capacity is available tonight to replenish the dam levels at the pumped storage power station so that this capacity will be available during the day [on Wednesday].
“The breakdown of six generating units during the day has necessitated the escalation in the load shedding stage,” Eskom said on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, the state owned power utility says electricity supply has been restored to Hendrina and surrounding areas in Mpumalanga.
This after four voltage lines were submerged and tripped when a dam on the Optimum Mine overflowed.
In the Western Cape, the power utility has urged customers in Onsrusrivier and Vermont to switch off stoves, geysers, pool pumps and electrical appliances during load shedding in order to avoid inrush current when supply is restored after the rotation power cuts.
“Once the electricity has been restored, customers should wait at least 30 minutes before switching on stoves, geysers and pool pumps to avoid possible tripping of electricity.
“Cold load pickup takes place when a distribution circuit is re-energised following an extended outage where the current is high enough to cause a rapid overcurrent [or load surge] that may cause the electricity supply to trip,” Eskom said.

Source: South African Government News Agency