Limpopo police refute video clip circulating on social media about hijacking at Nyl Plaza

POLOKWANE – The Police in Limpopo have taken note of a video clip circulating on social media showing three men alighting from a white motor vehicle at a toll gate, approaching another vehicle that stopped behind and committing what looked like a robbery or hijack. The accompanying information stated that the incident took place at Nyl plaza.
Immediately after the clip started circulating on Social Media, the Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe ordered a probe to establish if any such incident took place as purported.
The incident did not take place at Nyl Plaza toll gate nor at any of the toll gates that are situated in Limpopo Province. Although the video clip seems authentic, it definitely did not take place in the Province. All police stations under whose precincts the four toll gates resort, did not receive any report of carjacking.
Even if the victim has assumeably not reported the incident, the structural set up shown on the video clip is definitely not Nyl Plaza.
“The N1 is one of the busiest roads that pass through the Province and we, together with other law enforcement agencies, have heightened our deployments along this road, especially during this Festive period. Officers deployed next to these toll gates could not have missed such a serious incident”. Concluded Lieutenant General Hadebe.

Source: South African Police Service