Kalompo-Nashikaku wants modern crime prevention initiatives from police officers

OMUTHIYA: The Namibian Police Force's Regional Commander for Oshikoto, Theopoline Kalompo-Nashikaku is encouraging police officers in the respective portfolios to come up with crime prevention initiatives to ensure that the force is relevant in the modern policing world. Kalompo-Nashikaku said during the promotion of officers and conferment of ranks at the NamPol Oshikoto regional headquarters in Omuthiya on Friday, that they should devise new operational strategies and tactics to ensure that the police in Oshikoto remain relevant. She said police officers should cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders to effectively tackle new crime strategies. 'As police officers, we need to deliver the best service to the nation,' said Kalompo-Nashikaku. She also called on the police officers to work hard so they can be promoted to other ranks. 'Members of the force are promoted in recognition of their commitment and dedication to national duties. A promotion is not a mere reward,' she added. A total of 37 police officers were promoted to various police force ranks such as warrant officers, inspectors, and chief inspectors on Friday effective on 01 February 2024. Nineteen are male and 18 female. Kalompo-Nashikaku said the newly promoted staff should continue working hard, maintaining a high level of discipline, and improving service delivery. She also stressed that promotion comes with huge responsibilities that include a high level of accountability, commitment and honesty in upholding the rule of law. 'You should not relax and feel that you have now become bosses, remember that you are police officers and you have to serve and protect people,' said Kalompo-Nashikaku. Source: Namibia Press Agency