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The celebration of Irreechaa festival in Addis Ababa (Hora Finfine) was colorfully conducted in a spirit of solidarity and brotherhood among the people, Aba Gadaas told ENA.

Aba Gadaa Teresa Adadi stated that the festival is an occasion where we give thanks to the Creator and pray for peace and love in the future.

Aba Gadaa, Ahmed Mohamed for his part said Irrecha is a manifestation of brotherhood, love and unity.

They pointed out that during the festival hatred and revenge are removed and solidarity is strengthened.

They explained that the festival is thanksgiving to the Creator and urged for the preservation of this valuable culture and pass on to the next generation.

This year’s Irreecha festival has been colorfully celebrated in Addis Ababa with a large number of the Oromo people, nations, nationalities and peoples from different parts of the country.

The Oromo people are God fearing who encourage conflict resolution through negotiation where going to Malkaa Irreecha with resentment, revenge or grievance is not allowed, they pointed out.

Ireechaa is a grand festival where love is preached and praised; disagreement, grievance and discontent are condemned.

Ireechaa is thanksgivings to the Creator for the big and small, the rich and the poor, neighbors with neighbors, man with God, man and the Earth and man with environment exist in peace.

According to Oromo society, peace has a special place for it is a pillar of all necessities for human being.

Aba Melka, Abba Gadaa and other elders declared harmony, prosperity and hope during the celebration surrounded by a large crowd.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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