INTERPOL SA warns of online misinformation

PRETORIA – The International Criminal Police Organisations (INTERPOL) National Central Bureau (NCB) office in South Africa warns the public to be aware of misinformation that could possibly lure unsuspecting job seekers.

Inaccurate and false reporting of Interpol information on a news agency website called the has been noted and reported to Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France.

In an article headlined “take the first step to join Interpol South Africa “inaccurate salary figures are grossly inflated and overstated.

Interpol South Africa therefore takes this opportunity to enlighten members of the public about the mandate and recruitment process of Interpol.

The National Central Bureau (NCB) whose offices are based in Pretoria is the SAPS’ lead agency for transnational police investigations linked to South Africa. It is a source of international intelligence information enabling SAPS to address South Africa’s crime challenges from a global perspective.

It is staffed by trained police officers and support staff who joined the SAPS through the applicable recruitment processes.

NCB Pretoria employees assists the SAPS to take part in police investigations beyond South Africa’s borders, and to share police intelligence with NCB’s globally to detect emerging crime trends that could affect South Africa.

Through the NCB, SAPS regularly takes part in INTERPOL-led regional police operations in seizing drugs, contraband and also assisting other countries to arrest and bring globally wanted criminals to justice.

Interpol South Africa therefore advises members of the public that its job advertisements are strictly advertised on either the SAPS website: or the Interpol website:

Interpol SA urges the public to be vigilant and not fall for any job scam. Such activities must be reported on the Crime Stop Hotline number on 0860010111.

Source: South African Police Service