Hitchhikers robbed of belongings, community warned

VIERFONTEIN - A 25-year-old suspect was arrested after he and two other suspects, who are currently on the loose, robbed two hitchhikers near Vaal Bridge in Vierfontein on Saturday, 12 March 2022 at about 23:30.

The two victims hitchhiked in Roadhouse, Orkney when they were offered a lift by a motorist with two other passengers. The two victims were threatened with a firearm and robbed of their belongings before jumping from the moving vehicle. The two men managed to flag down a police vehicle. Police members gave chase and arrested the driver. The two other suspects managed to evade the arrest.

A case of robbery with a firearm was opened for further investigation. The 25-year-old suspect will appear at Viljoenskroon Magistrate’s Court Monday, 14 March 2022.

Police has issued a warning to everyone to refrain from hitchhiking.

Source: South African Police Service